Glock Book Author Debunks Myth that Gun Makers Control NRA (VIDEO)

Paul Barrett, author of “Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun,appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning to discuss his cover story in the current issue of Bloomberg Businessweek entitled, “Why Gun Makers Fear the NRA.”

The article discusses the myth, which has been widely tossed around by misinformed gun control advocates, that the National Rifle Association is beholden to large donations of gun manufacturers.  In the article Barrett claims the exact opposite, that gun manufacturers have to fall in line with the NRA or fear financial and credibility retribution. In the article he writes:

“NRA leadership worries about two things above all else: perpetuating controversy to stimulate fundraising from individual members and protecting its right flank from the real crazies,” says Richard Feldman, author of a feisty 2007 memoir, Ricochet: Confessions of a Gun Lobbyist. Feldman has worked in various capacities for both the NRA and the industry. “The idea that the NRA follows orders from the gun companies is a joke,” he says. “If anything, it’s the other way around.”

In addition to writing the New York Times best selling Glock book, Barrett is an assistant managing editor and senior writer at Bloomberg Businessweek and he has covered the gun industry for more than 15 years.

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