ARs, AKs, Shotguns, Pistols, Revolvers - Check Out the Sweet Deals on the Auction Block

I love a good auction.  They’re one of the last genuine places to find a deal.  They’re also a great place to watch people.  A firearms auction is even better.  And there is a big one happening right now online by Sohn & Associates, or if you’re in the area on Saturday March 23 in Evansville, Indiana.

What’s up for auction?

A little bit of everything.  That’s the real beauty of the eclectic sales.  If you are looking for an oddball piece of 2oth century Americana, you’re in luck.  If you want a new sporting shotgun, or hunting rifle, there are plenty of options.  If, like many of us, you’d like to pick up an AR, there’s one that’s actually for sale.  AKs, revolvers, pistols, rimfires are all available, for a price.


The one AR in the catalog is a Smith and Wesson M&P in .223.  It’s decked out in Magpul gear.  This will probably be one of the highlights of the whole auction, as it is the lone black rifle on the block. It is at $700 now, and will likely go for three times that.


But there are more AKs.  This one is an Egyptian Maadi in 7.62×39.  These African AKs have a devoted following and a rich cultural history separate from the AK’s Cold War associations.  It is currently listed at $450.


If you have some serious money to burn, and a stockpile of 7.62×39, you might consider picking up this DSA RPD belt fed.  This is truly an exquisite piece of machinery.  Currently listed at $1,300, the DSA will certainly sell for more.

norinco 97 at auction

Maybe you’re on a more limited budget.  In that case, perhaps you’d like a Chinese tribute to an American classic.  This Norinco 97 copy is a functional reproduction, and one you won’t mind tossing in the bed of a pick up.  I’ve always liked the design of the Winchester 97, if only because I like to cock the hammer.  Wild West from the Far East.  And it won’t break the bank.  $150 now.

browning auto rifle displayed at auction

If your sense of American nostalgia requires more American craftsmanship, there’s this Browning Auto Rifle in .22LR.  $550, now, and only going up.  It comes with a weaver scope and some really quirky aesthetics.  This is a great full sized .22 rifle.  All you need is some actual .22LR to go with it, which may well cost you more than the gun.

Scout rifle up for auction

And you may be able to find an actual treasure.  Collectors and preppers agree, the Springfield Armory M6 Scout Survival Rifle is worth every penny.  .22LR over a .410.  A giant lever in place of a trigger.  I keep begging Springfield to make these again, but they won’t listen.  Expect this one to go high, too.  Currently at $220, which would be a steal.

mossberg Brownie pistol up for auction

This one’s mine, so please don’t bid.  It’s a Mossberg Brownie.  It is one of the oddest guns I’ve ever had the privilege of shooting, and, in .22 short, not very effective.  This one has some condition issues, but the grips are in decent shape (which is always a concern when you’re looking at the value of old guns).  But it looks great.  Or terrible.  I can’t decide.  But I want it.  And I can’t afford it if anyone else bids, as it already up to $120.

ugly revolver up for auction

Looking for ugly? That’s for sale, too.

If you’re looking for something extremely ugly and hard to feed, I’d suggest the Valor revolver in .32 Long.  But what would you do with it?  I bet this one ends up filling a hole in someone’s collection.  And it won’t leave a hole in your wallet, as it is $50 now, and won’t go much higher.

The necessary details

The auction is being held by Sohn & Associates, in Evansville, Indiana.  The live auction begins at 9:00 a.m. sharp Saturday.

There are more than 150 guns for auction.  There are new guns, like Glocks and Kel-Tecs, military surplus, single actions revolvers, black powder guns and rifles, and more.  There’s even some random ammo, parts, and gear.  There’s even a Nazi banner for WWII collectors.

The collection will be available for public viewing on Friday, March 22 from 12-7 p.m.  Check out the website for directions and details.  But details about condition and on-line bidding is live now.

Terms?  Cash, check or debit/credit card on day of auction. Sales are subject to a 7% sales tax. A 3% buyer’s premium will be charged, with a 3% discount for payment by cash or check. A 13% buyer’s premium & prepaid shipping will be charged for applicable out-of-area purchases. A $10 per gun transfer fee will be charged, and all State & Fed firearm regulations & requirements will apply.

Check out the site and good luck.

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