'Lights Out' Survival Thriller Getting Made into Movie Series, Looking for Investors

“Lights Out,” the survival fiction novel by David Crawford, is being made into a movie series, and they’re looking for investors. Like many independent projects, they’re giving the community a chance to kick in a portion, and as thanks, they’ll hook up donors with some sweet swag.

With over three million copies downloaded, “Lights Out” is an action-based survival thriller that takes place in a world where civilization has collapsed. It has been praised for its realistic and well-developed characters, solid action and believable premise.

Written with an eye on authentic survival and action, “Lights Out” has developed a strong following, especially for an indie book. Strong enough that Crawford thinks they can produce a movie series based on the book themselves, with a little help from the audience.

“Years in the making, the Lights Out Saga is finally here! We dare to bypass the Hollywood gatekeepers to make something for our community. This timely story not only reminds us of how fragile our modern society is, but just how important friends, family and freedom are as well.

“We are coming to you, our community, and asking that you become a part of this huge undertaking. Your pledge will help us keep the story true to the book, cast actors you help us choose, and create a saga that will entertain, inform, and inspire.”


The “Lights Out Saga” will be in-part “crowd-sourced,” letting individuals donate as little as $10 and as much as $1,000 to see this project come to life.

They’re already ahead of schedule with their fundraiser on Indiegogo, having raised over $6,000 on their first day. They need to raise $175,000 and have 34 days to go (at the time of writing this).

It doesn’t hurt that donors will be rewarded. Donations of $10 get you a bit more than a pat on the back, with exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content and special insider updates. Donors who contribute $50 also get a pre-ordered copy of the Limited-Edition DVD, a “Lights Out” sticker and a custom “Lights Out hand towel. Yep.


Things get interesting at the $300 point, that’s where 5.11 Tactical steps in. A big supporter of action and thriller fiction, 5.11 Tactical will be giving away a 5.11 Rush 12 backpack, a 5.11 “Lights Out” watchcap and hat and a 5.11 “Lights Out” ATAC PLx Flashlight. All that in addition to a pre-ordered copy of the DVD and the early extras. The 5.11 Tactical gear retails for more than $200 by itself, so it’s a pretty slick deal.

For donors who hit the $1,000 mark, they will receive all the above along with a commemorative “Lights Out Challenge” coin, producer credit on IMDB, a signed screenplay by the cast, a signed copy of “Lights Out”, a signed Noveske “Three Gun Hero DVD” and a personal thank you call from David Crawford.

If you want to contribute or just find out more about the “Lights Out” world, head over to the fundraiser website or check out the book on Amazon. You might find your new favorite author.

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