Ruger's Updating the LCP (2 PHOTOS)


Left: original design, right: new design.


Left: original design, right: new design.

Ruger LCP Evolves

One change that might not be immediately noticeable is the position of the hammer. Apparently Ruger has also updated the geometry of the action to shorten the trigger pull. It’s still on the heavy side, which for many is a feather in the LCP’s cap, making it more suitable for pocket-carry.

“I’ve owned and carried a Ruger LCP for about two years now and couldn’t be happier with it … Well, to be honest I wish it had larger; more ‘usable’ sights and a ‘better’ trigger. I’ve grown accustom to these two aspects; so much in fact that when I recently handled a ‘new’ LCP I was blown-away and traded-in my two year old for a brand new model.

“Ruger has addressed the two loudest objections to their pocket wonder. The trigger is still heavy but with a distinct decrease in pull distance. The sights are now larger and can be indexed off of more readily than the original design.”

This pique your interest in the LCP? Would you trade yours in for these changes?

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