Springfield XD(s) .45 ACP Review (VIDEO)

If you’re looking for a big-bore pistol for concealed-carry, there really are few options as all-around appealing as the single-stack subcompact Springfield XD(s).

“Overall, I love this gun and have 0 issues with the design, reliability or function. It’s a great daily range gun and an even better conceal carry gun. For anyone looking at an XD(s), I suggest you go pick one up, hold it and see what you think — you might be surprised. The controls on the gun make sense, it has a great trigger pull and can fit anywhere you want it to … take that however you will but it is small.”

“Choosing a compact carry gun just got a lot more complicated.

“Are you confident enough in your aim and training to rely on a .380?  Maybe you have a small frame yourself, and couldn’t hide the moderate size of the XDS.

“A compact 9mm?  That has been the benchmark for a few years now, but the XDS, in my opinion, makes them obsolete.  Maybe the Beretta Nano, which is built like a tank, could be compared directly with the XDS.

“But a truly compact .45 ACP!  This is the perfect combination of size and strength.”

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