Cop Hopping: Kid Arrested for Jumping Over Sheriffs on Camera (VIDEO)

“Looking to create a YouTube video worthy of two million-plus views and unworthy of getting arrested by police, 18-year-old video prankster Charles Ross decided to do an acrobatic flip over two Sarasota County sheriff’s deputies who were sitting on a park bench in Sarasota, Fla.

“After landing the impressive flip without touching the cops, one of the unamused deputies told him “the next time you do this we will be forced to do something.”

“Ross acknowledged their warning and told them he understood. But once one of the deputies realized he had recorded the stunt, he completely changed his tone.

“‘Because you just filmed that, I’m about to ruin your day and erase it,’ the cop said.

“‘No you’re not,’ Ross replied. When he went after his camera, the two deputies tackled him to the ground and handcuffed him.”

He was arrested for filming the sheriffs, but he is being charged with “culpable negligence,” a Florida statute that makes a misdemeanor of putting others at risk.

Three things: if you can flip over a picnic table, occupied by cops or otherwise, are you really putting anyone in danger other than yourself?

Also, they arrested him for filming the stunt, but they charged him with something else entirely. That seem alright?

Finally, this would totally be a thing where people jumped over cops for YouTube all the time if more people were physically capable of doing so. Dude’s gotta work on his Super Parkour Runaway! skills if he’s gonna start cop hopping for serious.

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