Weatherby's New 20-Gauge Shotguns Now Available (VIDEO)

Weatherby is adding three new models of pump-action 20-gauge “Tactical Response” shotguns to their 2013 catalog. Patterned off their existing entry-level shotguns, these solid, no-nonsense guns are very affordable and have developed a respectable following.

“Our new 20-gauge pumps offer dependable performance with less felt recoil than 12-gauge models,” said company president Ed Weatherby when they were first announced. “They are lightweight and easy to operate — a great shotgun choice for beginners and experienced shooters alike.”


Like the 12-gauge models, the 20-gauge PA-08s will chamber both 2.75- and 3-inch shells. With standard shells they have a capacity of 5+1 and 4+1 with 3-inch magnums.

Weatherby is adding two PA-08 Synthetic models, one with a 26-inch barrel and the other with a 28-inch barrel. They both weigh 6.5 pounds and have traditional-style polymer furniture. The stocks are medium-long with a 14-inch length of pull. These come with three chokes, improved cylinder, modified and full.

They’re also adding a PA-459 20-gauge model, their most tactical “Tactical Response” shotgun. The PA-459 has a shorter 13.5-inch pistol grip stock and compact 18.5-inch barrel. It comes with a removable ported cylinder bore choke standard.

The 20-gauge PA-459 has a handful of other upgrades that rounds out its tactical feature set, including a receiver-mounted Picatinny rail for optics and a set of adjustable ghost ring iron sights. It weighs a little less even with the pistol grip and extended forend at 5.75 pounds.


The more conventional PA-08s have an MSRP of $400 and the decked-out PA-459 only comes in at $500. Street prices for these are already popping up around $350 for the PA-08s and $400 for the tactical shotgun.

All have dual action bars and are black chrome on the outside and chrome-lined on the inside, including the bolt, insuring smooth cycling and reliability even with heavy use.

If you’re looking for a solid and dependable pump shotgun chambered for softer-shooting 20 gauge ammo, you should consider giving these Weatherby shotguns a once-over. For all the details about these shotguns, check out the product page for the PA-08 here and the PA-459 here.

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