AN-94 Featured in 'Black Ops 2' (VIDEO)

Every shooter should be so lucky to fire a Nikonov AN-94 assault rifle. It’s more than just a unicorn, it’s practically a were-unicorn.

The AN-94 has two sub-receivers and can chamber, fire, and eject two 5.45x39mm cartridges in a single cycle of its action, giving it an astronomical rate of fire. In fact, to prevent users from dispatching a magazine in a second, it’s designed to fire a single two-round burst then enter conventional full-auto until the trigger is released.

The firing rate is so high that it’s been said that the Nikonov will put both rounds through the same hole (if the target is close enough).

If the closest we can get to firing that gun is in a video game, we’ll take it. At least it’s clear that the guys behind “Black Ops 2” are just as big of gun dorks as we are.

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