CrossBreed Teams up with Rob Pincus to Develop Modular Belly Band Holster


CrossBreed is considered one of the leaders in concealed-carry holster manufacturers, and Rob Pincus of ICE Training is one of the top-tier self-defense experts. Together they’ve developed a modular holster system for deep concealment with one hell of a pedigree, the CrossBreed Belly Band.

Belly Bands are what they say they are. They’re elastic holsters that wrap around your torso with one or more pockets for carrying a gun and maybe a spare magazine and other things you might want to keep extremely well-concealed, like badges and other undercover wares.

The drawback to these holsters are that they don’t offer a lot of protection from sweat for a gun and use generic pockets that aren’t gun-specific. By making them work with everything from J-frames to micro-compacts they sacrifice retention for universality.

The CrossBreed Belly Band solves those problems. In fact, the design is so straight-forward it’s almost a surprise no else has invented it. It consists of a loop fastener belly band that accepts model-specific Kydex holsters, with two integrated pockets for magazines and one for handcuffs.


The Kydex holster has a flat side that’s lined with hook fasteners and can be attached at any point along the band and at any angle for any type of draw. And the band can accept more than one holster for additional spare magazines or people into New York reloads (or people with multiple carry options).

“This is the first holster to combine the convenience and comfort of belly band waistline carry and the reliability, consistency and efficient presentation of a Kydex holster,” said Rob Pincus.

CrossBreed lists the Belly Band at $55, which is in line with their other holsters, and it comes in two sizes, regular, for waists up to 34 inches and large for waists up to 52. You can opt for another gun holster for another $40 and another magazine holster for an extra $33.

While clearly optimized for law enforcement, you don’t have to be a cop to find the Belly Band useful. If you have to maintain a dress code that would otherwise prohibit you from carrying a concealed firearm, this might be your best option; it’s certainly one of the most interesting belly bands to hit the market.

Of course, if it doesn’t work out, if the modular system proves to be too bulky or you just find it uncomfortable, you can always send it back for a refund; CrossBreed’s “Two Week, Try it Free Guarantee” has you covered, and if you do keep it, it’s got a lifetime warranty.

If you’re interested, head over to CrossBreed for details and to order.

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