Vortex Optics Announces Flip-Out Magnifier for Red Dot Sights

Vortex VMX-3T

Vortex, manufacturer of combat-ready optics, is at long last producing a magnifier for red dot sights and other non-magnified optics. The magnifier, the Vortex VMX-3T, quickly and easily lets you go from 1x to 3x and back, giving you the edge at up close and further out.

This optic is designed for ARs and other rifles with AR-height flattop receivers in conjuction with a non-magnified red dot sight.

Like other magnifiers, the VMX-3T doesn’t have a reticle or needs zeroing. It simply magnifies your existing optic’s sight picture, it’s basically a fixed three-power monocular on a swivel.

Vortex will include the locking flip-out mount with the VMX-3T, a simple push-button design. The optic itself has a one-piece tube costruction and a hard-anodized finish (with a laser-etched logo on the side). The glass is fully multicoated for bright light transmission.

pr_2013_20130101_vortex_vmx-3t-magnifier-mount-systemIt’s also nitrogen-purged, waterproof and shockproof. But what sets the VMX-3T apart is the 3.25 inches of eye relief. You don’t have to have the optic position too precisely, giving you flexibility in shooting stances, improvised and otherwise.

Obviously Vortex would be pleased if you combined this magnifier with one of their red dot sights, like the SPARC or the StrikeFire, both of which are solid and surprisingly inexpensive sights, but given the nature of magnifiers they work with pretty much any type of un-magnified optics.

Otherwise, the VMX-3T is similar to most magnifiers. It is four inches long and weighs just under 12 ounces with the mount and won’t break the bank with its suggested retail price of $300. Like most accessories, the real-world price is likely to be significantly lower, so combined with a Vortex red dot this setup will get you a real service-grade setup for not much money all together.

The only thing that isn’t set in stone is availability. Vortex expects to ship these spring of 2013. With this price and these features we can be patient. The VMX-3T looks like a great low-cost magnifier and with Vortex’s reputation behind it, it’s sure to work well.

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