.22 LR Handgun for Self Defense? CCI Stinger Ammo Test (VIDEO)

Watching this it’s clear that from a compact handgun like the Ruger SR22P that .22 Long Rifle, even with super-velocity hollowpoints, is only more effective than a sharp stick in the eye in that you can use it from a safe distance.

Don’t get me wrong, you won’t find anyone in the Guns.com bunker willing to stand in front of you to prove a point, and shot placement, as always, is key. But with this kind of ballistics data, it’s safe to say that with this combination of gun and ammo, shot placement is a lot more key.

Also, and while the SR22P is particularly reliable for a semi-automatic .22LR handgun, the fact of the matter is that no self-loading rimfire handgun will be as reliable as a double-action revolver, simply because the ammunition is not as reliable.

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