A Dark Knight Rises: Meet the Real Life Batman Who Patrols a Small California Town (VIDEO)

Meet the Petaluma Batman, a real life Dark Knight who has found a bit of national media attention and good hearted fame.  The true identity of this 19-year-old college student remains a mystery, but for the past three months the Petaluma Batman has taken to the streets nightly in an effort to make his hometown a little bit safer.

“When I’m not in my Petaluma Batman costume, I hear people talking about me a lot. It’s weird, but I’m glad that I have been able to entertain people and lift their spirits. I just want to inspire some good will.”

Essentially acting as a citizen on patrol the Petaluma Batman alerts police to possible crimes in progress.  He also acts as a community organizer spreading relevant safety information and taking part in local charitable events.  On occasion he also preforms choreographed run-ins with the Petaluma Joker and other masked vilans joining in on the fun.

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