Video released of Capt. Mark Kelly buying AR: Is he trying to save face?

Today, Americans for Responsible Solutions released a video of its spokesman Capt. Mark Kelly buying guns from a Tucson gun store on March 5, a now infamous incident that seems to be a source of chagrin for the newly formed gun control group. The video also comes a day after the gun store owner cancelled Kelly’s purchase of an AR.

The incident where Kelly was photographed buying an AR, pistol and ammo from Diamondback Police Supply comes about a month after he and his wife former Rep. Gabby Giffords delivered powerful testimony before the U.S. Senate advocating for the ban of AR-style rifles and high capacity magazines as well as pushing for universal background checks.

The image quickly circulated online and critics quickly dug in rightfully calling Kelly’s actions hypocritical and one critic even went so far as to leak a picture of Giffords holding an AR-15, which was taken about a year before a madman shot her in the head in an assassination attempt.

After allowing a little time to pass, Kelly responded to his critics saying that he was simply trying to prove just how easy it is to buy a firearm. In addition to that, he said he would turn over the AR and “high capacity” magazines to local authorities. And today, almost a month later, the group launched a video of the transaction to, we guess, support his original statement.

On ARS’s Facebook page this morning the group released a message and an introduction to the video asking, “Ever wonder what a Background Check is really like?” and continues to describe how simple the transaction actually is and what little time it actually takes.

While it’s questionable whether or not this video was actually taken on March 5 (it’s kind of suspicious that it’s coming out now), we don’t have any real reason to say that it wasn’t. We know it takes time and effort to craft a message and word it correctly to avoid any misinterpretations and editing video is a tedious task, but, if it’s real, the whole thing is kind of late.

What are your thoughts?

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