Pennsylvania Man Charged for Hunting Whitetail in Walmart Parking Lot (VIDEO)

Arcangelo Bianco Jr., a forty year old Pennsylvania man, is about to stand trail for shooting a 10-point buck in a Walmart parking lot.  Back in November Bianco spotted the deer while in the shopping center parking lot, he then exited his car and gave chase with a handgun unloading multiple rounds into the whitetail.

Bianco is being charged with a misdemeanor count of reckless endangerment and numerous hunting violations.  The charges were finally filed against Bianco after a four month investigation by the police and game commission.   Indiana County district attorney Patrick Dougherty stated the importance of bringing Bianco to trial: “number one, we’re a big hunting community, and people that are legitimate hunters were very upset about this. Number two, that people that were at risk in parking lot that night.”

[CBS Pittsburg]

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