John Wayne's Single Action Army (3 PHOTOS)

John Wayne's Single Action Army

John Wayne's Single Action Army (2)

John Wayne’s Single Action Army from Rio Lobo on Curator’s Corner

“When an NRANews crew shows up at NRA Headquarters, there’s usually a member of the staff or two who watch the interview being filmed. When they come to film an episode of Curator’s Corner, there’s usually a crowd.

“This time was no exception as Senior Curator Philip Schreier brought out a new gun on loan to our Hollywood Gun Collection. Another John Wayne original. This one, a Colt Single Action, found its fame after appearing alongside the Duke in classics like ‘Rio Lobo.’

“‘There’s a gentleman up in New Jersey who is one of the premier John Wayne collectors,’ said Schreier at the National Firearms Museum. ‘He brought us this first generation Single Action Colt the Hollywood Guns display. One of the revolvers John Wayne used for a number of appearances including Rio Lobo.'”

Rio Lobo

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