Meltdown Incurs When Robert Zimmerman Appears on Piers Morgan to Explain Racial Tweets (VIDEO)

Last night on Pier’s Morgan’s fledgling CNN show Robert Zimmerman Jr., brother of George, came on as a guest to try and explain his racist tweets from this past weekend.  As expected a meltdown incurred as Piers Morgan only likes to hear the sound of his own voice and George Zimmerman who although is smart, is his own (and possibly his brothers) worst enemy.  As you can read in this article, Robert Zimmerman poorly tried to point out an existing media bias by somehow linking images of  Trayvon Martin and alleged baby killer De’Marquise Elkins by Tweeting innocuous photos of them flipping the bird on Facebook.  He then followed that up by tweeting this is the reason people might think blacks are ‘risky.’



Robert Zimmerman is right in that there was and is a media bias against his brother George and gun owners everywhere regarding stand your ground laws.  The problem is he is doing his brothers defense and everyone else in the gun world a diservice by misrepresenting facts and delving into racial commentary he is constantly having to apologize for.

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