Spike's Tactical AR-15 Give-Away


Calguns is giving away a Spike’s Tactical M4LE as part of a fundraiser. But you don’t have to pay to enter.

“We are witnessing a revival among Second Amendment civil rights activists and — importantly — tremendous growth in both the diversity and sheer numbers of new gun owners. Our modern gun rights culture has adopted, rightfully, the American born-and-bred AR-15 self-defense rifle as the de facto symbol of our fundamental civil liberties.

“To thank the anti-gun zealots for bringing together millions of law-abiding gun owners like never before in our history, we’re giving away one of our favorite guns – a new Spike’s Tactical AR-15 platform M4LE rifle! Best of all, our giveaway is free to enter – sign up right now for a chance to win!”

Of course, if you enter without paying it’s like kicking a baby dolphin out of the water.

They breathe air, but it’s still a sorry-ass thing to do.

C’mon, it’s only ten bucks.

Here’s a review of the lightweight M4LE:

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