What Really Constitutes Reasonable Restrictions to Your Rights (VIDEO)

This is one of my favorite arguments about what restrictions on rights (or any other rights) actually are.

Basically, your First Amendment rights are only restricted if you are actively trying to do harm with them. The classic example is shouting “fire” in a crowded theater, trying to panic people and cause a stampede. It’s also illegal to threaten someone or libel or slander them. But you aren’t prevented from having your First Amendment rights in any other types of speech.

Similarly, you can’t ban guns or gun ownership, you can only restrict certain types of gun use. Restrictions on the Second Amendment that aren’t infringing on the right to keep and bear arms include using guns to commit crimes, to kill people not in self-defense or to threaten to kill people.

But you can’t restrict people’s rights without cause, but you can limit how they can be used.

A gun ban is the equivalent of limiting people’s ability to communicate.

For more check out The Yankee Marshal channel on YouTube.

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