The heart warming story of a soldier's covert mission to bring an abused cat back from Afghanistan (VIDEO)

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A U.S. Army official from Oregon City who served at a camp deep inside Afghanistan received statewide recognition for developing an unlikely friendship with a cat.

Sgt. Jesse Knott found the young cat, now named Koshka, being abused by tormentors. He first saw him a couple of days after he arrived in Southern Afghanistan’s Maiwand district near a village called Hutal. He was deployed on June 3, 2010, and he arrived at COP Rath in late June.

Koshka was a small kitten of perhaps a month or two old at the time of meeting Knott. He was a loving affectionate kitten at first, but started showing signs of being abused a couple of months after Knott’s team arrived.

“The final straw was when I found him limping one day with a bloody injury to his toe pad and what seemed to be a possible hip injury,” Knott said. “I decided to treat his wounds and keep him sequestered in my office. Shortly after I treated his wounds, we bonded and I knew I had to keep him safe until I could find a way to rescue him.”

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