DHS Files Lawsuit, Seizes 3D Firearm Printer Assets


Feds Move Faster Than Defense Distributed. First BitCoin Money Laundering Case?

“The Department of Homeland security have seized the defensedistributed.com and defcad.org domains because several individuals behind the site have been indicted by a grand jury for the violation of the Arms Export Control Act, violation of the Undetectable Firearms Act and conspiracy to commit money laundering and copyright infringement.

“On March 16 I shared a number of concerns with the founder of Defense Distributed regarding thier new 3D printing model sharing website DefCad.org. In one email to me Cody Wilson said …

“‘Someone gets tagged with a lawsuit perhaps, but there are many mirrors of the site running. And many lawsuits will be evaded by taking safe harbor in jurisdictions outside the US where DOJ can’t just swoop in and squelch our DNS.’

“Cody must have thought that the feds would move slower than they did.”

Looks like they got some First Amendment on their shoe. Aw, they’re dragging it all over the Internet.


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