Kansas Man With Gun Face Tattoo Upset With Recent Events Now Supports Assault Weapons Ban

In an odd twist of fate, a local Kansas man who has been sporting mirrored pistols tattooed on his face for the past seven years says he is now in support of Diane Feinstein and her Assault Weapons Ban. Samuel Carver of Junction, Kansas told guns.com that he had his face tattooed back in 2007 in what he describes as a rational expression of his constitutional 2nd amendment rights. “It was very simple,” stated Carver. “Every time I got in an argument about guns with someone, I would tell them to look at my face and ask me a second time what I thought about gun control.”

Shaken by recent events Carver now admits he has had second thoughts about universal gun rights and thinks perhaps some limits are in order. “I mean, you have think rationally in life. You don’t want to do anything you might regret in the future. Assault Weapons to me just aren’t tasteful and I think they may give people a bad impression.”

Knowing a thing or two about cerebral life decisions, Carver states he thinks supporting the assault weapons ban is the right choice and something he won’t regret in the future…


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