DPMS Introducing New 3G2 Competition AR-15


DPMS, aka Panther Arms, has developed an out-of-the-box-ready 3-gun rifle with the help of Magpul and Jerry Miculek. This rifle is a solid platform for USPSA-style rifle competitions, all it needs is an optic.

The new rifle is built around competition shooting. It features a 16-inch stainless steel barrel with a Miculek muzzle brake to ensure zero muzzle climb, quick follow-up shots and faster target acquisition as well as a free-floating handguard for utmost accuracy.

DPMS selected their own M111 handguard for the job, a modular, lightweight octagonal handguard that can be fitted with rail sections for accessories. The rifle comes with a set of Magpul MBUIS sights attached at a 45-degree angle on the handguard for fast transitions from the primary optic to iron sights.

Panther Arms also went with Magpul’s STR stock, which has an enlarged cheekpiece with storage for batteries or small spare parts. They went with Ergo for the pistol grip, which is popular with these purpose-built rifles.

Of course, the gun’s set on the inside, as well. The 3G2 uses DPMS’ two-stage trigger for improved accuracy, in addition to the free-floated stainless-steel barrel.

The rest of the rifle is just as solid, being built on forged 7075 T6 alloy receivers. If you’re searching for a hassle-free 3-gun rifle at a good price, head over to DPMS. Their 3G2 comes in at under $1,300, which is quite a bit lower than other pre-fab 3-gun rifles.

It is begging for an optic, though, and whether that’s a red dot sight or a 1-4x scope is really up to you, and what type of competition you’re looking to dive into. All in, though, this is a solid start on a competition ar-15 and the price isn’t crazy, either.

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