U.S. Army Denies Fort Hood Victims Purple Hearts


Last week the United States Army stated that they will not be awarding Purple Hearts to the 13 killed or 32 wounded in the Fort Hood shooting of 2009.  The Army stated that awarding the victims Purple Hearts would damage the ability for shooter Nidal Hasan to receive a fair trial.  In a document released to the public, the Army explained the medals would ‘set the stage for a formal declaration that Major Hasan is a terrorist.’ Purple hearts are only meant for those ‘wounded or killed in any action against an enemy of the United States.’ ‘To expand the Purple Heart award criteria to include domestic criminal acts or domestic terror attacks would be a dramatic departure from the traditional Purple Heart award criteria.’

A number of the victims families are appalled by the decision as they are currently seeking proper recognition and compensation.

Nidal Hasan will appear in a military court martial this upcoming July where he will face the death penalty.

[Daily Mail]

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