Dad Forced to Shoot Family Dog in Effort to Retrieve Sons Bitten Off Finger (VIDEO)

sideThis past week Luis Brignoni, a 41 year old man from Florida, was home when his 11-year-old sons finger was bitten off by the family dog while playing in the backyard. Realizing what had happened, Brignoni beat the dog with a stick in an effort to retrieve the finger. After the dog had swallowed his sons digit, Brignoni grabbed his handgun and shot the animal. As paramedics arrived on the scene, Brignoni was already cutting open the stomach of the pet, eventually locating the body part.

Unfortunately surgeons at Tampa General Hospital were unable to reattach the boys finger as it was too mangled.

Speaking to a local news station Brignoni recounted the events — “You don’t know what you will do for your child. You don’t know where you get the strength from.”

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