Military Vet Kicked Out of Graduate School for Having a Gun App on His Phone (AUDIO)

Dan (last name withheld) is a Navy veteran of multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan who has found himself at the wrong of end of anti gun paranoia. Until last week Dan was a student at the Ultimate Medical Academy in Tampa, Florida, that was until they kicked him out for having a firearms app on his phone. After having shown another student in his class his new Gun Club Two phone application, Dan was called into the schools directors office where they immediately dismissed him as a nursing student, only three months shy of graduation. The director of students stated they feared Dan may end up ‘shooting up’ the school, all because of this Android app. They stated Dan instigated and participated in ‘rebellious activities.’

“I downloaded an application, and I was showing a fellow military combat veteran in my class this application during our break. And while showing him this application, I pressed the screen and it made a sound, it was a dim sound, I didn’t have it up loud… and nothing was said, nothing was done,” Dan told Schnitt. “A day goes by and I get called into my director of education’s office with my program director and they tell me that I’ve allegedly threatened people in my classroom and people feel in fear of their life because of me with this application that I’m going to come to this school and shoot it up.”

Dan made this information public via the Schnitt Show as you can hear in the audio above. The Schnitt Show tried multiple times to get in contact with the Ultimate Medical Academy who declined to comment on the situation citing student privacy.

Dan is currently exploring legal options.

Below is a trailer for the app Gun Club 2:

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