Outrageous Engraved, Gold-Plated Glock (10 PHOTOS)

Engraved Glock - pix650069882

Engraved Glock - pix678646480

Engraved Glock - pix812822323

Engraved Glock - pix932125432

Engraved Glock - pix945874771

Engraved Glock - pix979501155

Engraved Glock - pix061146680

Engraved Glock - pix157708757

Engraved Glock - pix364796600

Engraved Glock - pix553651263

And it’s for sale.

“Words can’t do this .40 S&W Glock 35 justice … Fully hand-engraved and gold plated. The pictures show the amazing detail and well thought out design. The engraving on the plastic frame is just as impressive. This one is as ‘over the top’ as they get. I and others have tried to locate the engravers marking, but none has been found. There has to be some story behind this one, but for now you can create your own.

“Gun is in exceptional shape. The only wear is on the top of the barrel from racking the slide to ‘make safe’ for showing over the years.”

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