A 7-year-old boy faces felony charges for shooting car with BB gun (VIDEO)

A 7-year-old North Carolina boy faces felony charges after he shot two vehicles with a BB gun, the Fox affiliate reported.

The boy’s mother, Cherry Robbins, explained that her son, Sam Grant, accidentally struck two cars as he was shooting at an abandoned house in Catawba County, however, neither the attending officer nor the owner of the vehicle wanted to press charges.

She added that a short time later she received a letter from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety informing them that prosecutors with Catawba County are charging her son two felonies.

“They considered his BB gun a firearm.  It’s not a firearm — it’s a BB gun,” Grant’s father, Ray Robbins, told local media.

If convicted, Grant could be dealing with a year of probation and hundreds of hours of community service. If convicted, the felonies could remain on his record until he turns 16.

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