Bloomberg backed congressional candidate states concealed carriers failed Aurora shooting victims (VIDEO)

In what seems like an endless stream of politicians shooting themselves in the foot this week, Robin Kelly a Democrat running for Jesse Jackson Jr’s vacated Illinois Congressional seat, stated concealed carry to be useless as no one in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater was able to take down shooter James Holmes with their concealed carry firearm.

Speaking to an NAACP sponsored candidate debate she said, “in the movie [theater], they have conceal and carry, but nobody pulled out their guns to kill the gentleman that did all the damage that he did.”

The one minor issue with what she said was that the Aurora Cinemark theater was a ‘gun free zone’ that did not allow concealed carriers in attendance. Currently a joint lawsuit is in progress by a number of victims families claiming the theater failed to provide ample security to its patrons. Some even believe Holmes may have specifically targeted the theater due to its ban on guns.

Robin Kelly, who is a staunch opponent of guns rights, caught the attention of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Independence USA PAC, which donated $2 million to her campaign. She has also received an endorsement from President Obama.


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