Armed hardware store owner takes law into his own hands after being robbed 15 times in one month (VIDEO)

Darin Fowler, the owner of an Oroville, California hardware store, took the law into his own hands after having been robbed over a dozen times. After losing thousands of dollars of merchandise and having to invest heavily in new security systems, Fowler was unable to deter the vandals. Fed up, Fowler decided to arm himself and catch the criminals on his own, telling CBS Sacramento, ‘this is my property; I’m going to defend it.’

storeThis past Friday night, Fowler camped out in the back lot of his store and sure enough the intruders showed up in the early morning hours. As two suspects made their way through his fence, Fowler pulled his handgun and held the criminals at bay until authorities arrived. ‘They were yanking units through the fence,’ said Fowler. ‘As soon as he saw the gun he was very compliant.’

Dillon Masterson and Steven Rodrigues were arrested and still remain in custody. A search of Masterson’s home turned up a number of Fowler stolen items.

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