Fox News sits down with pro gun Newtown father in a heart-wrenching interview (VIDEO)

While much of the buzz this week in the media surrounds the 60 Minutes interview with seven families of the Newtown tragedy and their push for gun control, yesterday Fox News’ Megyn Kelly interviewed Mark Mattioli, a father who lost his son as well but isn’t in lockstep with the other families in support of new firearms legislation.

In a heart-wrenching interview, Kelly referenced much of the 60 Minutes piece as well as drawing on many points she pressed NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre last week on air.

Kelly who is in support of magazine capacity and background checks said, “It’s hard when you look at the grieving parents, including yourself, who are asking you to do something, to not do it.”

Mattioli responded that he’s “broken, devastated, drowning in grief” but “compelled to participate in this debate, because I’m not hearing a voice that’s really agreeing with me.”

The tearful interview runs 12 minutes in full and covers a number of other issues surrounding the tragedy and national debate on guns.

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