Failed assassination attempt of Russian CEO caught on camera (VIDEO)

Life News, a Russian news agency, released surveillance video today of an attempted assassination of a St. Petersburg businessman.

Leonid Kolesnikov, 56, CEO of a company called “Regina,” parked outside his office and was about to exit his vehicle when a shooter appeared at the driver side window.

The would-be assassin, concealing his gun with a shopping bag, tried to shoot Kolesnikov twice. The first shot hit Kolesnikov in the arm and the second misfired, jamming the pistol.

The assassins then ran in one direction and Kolesnikov in the other.

Circling back, the shooter pursued Kolesnikov again firing in his direction, but is sent fleeing when he is chased down by another individual.

At the end of the video Kolesnikov is seen up on his feet being attended to by paramedics.

The would-be assassin is currently at large and police are investigating the matter.

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