James Yeager Gets His Permit Back (VIDEO)

James Yeager is probably the most famous concealed-carrier ever. And he is a concealed-carrier again, after some legal arm-wrestling, anyway.

“On April 3, 2013 I appeared in General Sessions Court in Benton County with my attorney, Dana McLendon of Franklin and four witnesses. The Department of Safety and Homeland Security presented its case for their suspension of my permit, and my witnesses and I testified, too. The judge concluded that I was indeed not a threat to the safety of the community and reinstated my handgun carry permit. I am pleased with the result and I learned some valuable lessons along the way.” [Emphasis ours.]

The lesson learned? James Yeager “better watch” his mouth.

Isn’t that a lesson they start covering in, like, kindergarden?

The backstory:

“Yeager posted the video ‘Pack Your Bags’ to his Youtube account on Jan. 10 in response to media speculation that President Obama may issue an executive order banning the sale and/or ownership of semi-automatic weapons, regardless of the findings from Vice President Biden’s recent meeting with gun manufacturers and lobbyists like the National Rifle Association this past week. Addressing the camera, a visibly angry Yeager explains his understanding of this news story and then launches into an obscenity laced rant, invoking a new Civil War, violent civil disobedience and ending with the statement, ‘if it goes one inch further, I’m going to start killing people’.

“Perhaps realizing he had crossed a line, the video was then edited and re-posted without the final warning. But the Internet sees all and site users quickly uncovered the unedited content after Yeager initially denied claims that he had made death threats in the video.

“Aside from the media scrutiny over his language, coverage of the video has prompted the Department of Homeland Security and the Tennessee Department of Safety to suspend Yeager’s handgun permit stating his comments constitute a ‘material likelihood of risk of harm to the public.'”

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