Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter: Install and Test Fire (PHOTOS+VIDEO)







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“I’d like to conclude by saying that I really do like the functionality of the Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter and would still highly recommend it for its intended use. Just the ability to allow you to fit an otherwise lengthy AR into different locations is a huge plus, it will be up to you to determine if its purpose is right for you.”

The adapter allows you to fold the entire buffer assembly and stock on a standard direct-impingement rifle, and clearly should not be fired with the buffer assembly folded out. Theirs broke on the first shot; it’s just not designed to deal with that kind of stress, but it minimizes the risk of harm to the operator if used incorrectly.

It’s definitely not for everyone; really it’s only for a small handful of security-minded people and those who have to deal with extremely tight quarters. And people who want an AR with a cool side-folding stock; with an SBR you could probably fit it in a briefcase.

The Law Tactical folding stock adapter runs two bills.

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