SNL's Molly Shannon 'ashamed' for appearing 90's NRA television advertisement (VIDEO)

imagesIn an old NRA advertisement (seen above) that resurfaced this week, one of actresses caught the eye of the Internet. The 1993 television spot titled ‘Laughing Criminal’ featured a speaking spot for then struggling actress Molly Shannon. Shannon would of course go on to Saturday Night Live and film fame.

When reached for comment, Shannon seemed a bit displeased but used the opportunity to strangely flip the tables and advocate for gun control.

“I made this commercial 20 years ago as a struggling actress…not as a personal advocate for the NRA. I’m glad this now gives me the opportunity to advocate publicly for gun control legislation. As a mother, I see the necessity more than ever for sane, safe laws regulating guns in this country and I am deeply ashamed that the resurfacing of this dumb, ugly commercial might suggest otherwise.”

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