The Blue Angels and Thunderbirds have their wings clipped by Washington budget cuts (VIDEO)

One of the fondest memories seared into my head from childhood was when my Grandfather (a 2 Star General) took me and brothers out to see the Air Force Thunderbirds.  A symbol of America’s military achievements and an incalculable recruiting tool, the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds will sadly be grounded for most of their public performances in 2013 due to the sequester in Washington.

Citing the $85 billion in cuts the federal government needs to manage, air shows were at the top of the list for the armed forces.  The Navy states that the cancelation of the Blue Angeles season will save upwards of $25 million.

John Cudahy, president of the International Council of Air Shows, stated, “The Blue Angels are the Rolling Stones of the Air Show World and losing them, whether it’s a few days, a few months, or a few years, it is a crushing blow, not only to the industry, but for thousands of fans.”

No plans have been released as to when the programs will start back up again.

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