11-year-old boy protests at New Hampshire State House with AR-15 and 'Come and Take It' flag


At a ‘Honor Your Oath’ rally this past Saturday at the Concord, New Hampshire State House, a photo was snapped of 11-year-old Hunter Cogswell holding an AR-15 and ‘Come and Take It’ flag.

The rally was organized by the Granite State Patriots Liberty PAC, protesting the recent House passage of New Hampshire’s ‘stand your ground’ law. The protesters claimed the 189 House members who voted to repeal the law were guilty of “breach of oath of office” and “conspiracy against rights.”

Cogswell told reporters “I believe in gun rights. It’s our constitutional right.” The 11-year-old also stated that his firearm was not loaded. Cogswell was fully abiding by the law while carrying his firearm as there are no age restrictions on gun ownership in New Hampshire when the firearm is gifted from a guardian.

More on the rally over at unionleader.com

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