Marco Rubio: 'We should be discussing violence, not guns' (VIDEO)

In general the point is many of these gun laws are ineffective. They don’t do those things. They either infringe on the rights of law- abiding people and do nothing to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. And I’m troubled this debate is about guns. It should be about violence.

Violence is the problem, guns are what they’re using. We had a kid build a bomb in a dorm room here recently. The point is that the fact of the matter is we that have a violence problem in the United States. And we are missing a golden opportunity to have an open, honest and serious conversation about why it is that we are having these horrific violent acts occurring in our society. Because everyone’s focused on passing these laws that have proven ineffective and will prove ineffective in the future.

That was Florida’s Republican Sen. Marco Rubio response to Mayors Against Illegal Guns attack ads currently running against  him in his home state that falsely claim Rubio wants criminals and the mentally ill to obtain firearms.  Rubio was speaking with Candy Crowley on CNN Sunday morning talk show State of the Union.

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