Taurus PT-111 Millennium G2 Review (PHOTOS+VIDEO)

I’m not sure Jeff Quinn has ever come across a firearm that didn’t make his mustache tingle, but we’re warming up to Tarus’ recent G2s, having had a bit of experience with them.

If Taurus can’t directly compete with bigger names in the industry, they can out-innovate at least. Being “second-strike” capable striker-fired semis is unusual, and the overall hand feel and trigger quality of these guns is very nice.

Taurus is working hard to bring about the ship that is their reputation, and so far, it seems like they’re staying their new course. These G2 pistols are a big part of that.

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“The G2 is the latest Millennium Series pistol from Taurus, and is an improvement upon the previous Millennium pistols. I especially like the new style texture that Taurus has built into the polymer frame. The trigger action also seems much improved over previous Millennium pistols, but Taurus has stayed with the striker-fired design and numerous safety features of the earlier guns, just mostly enhancing the handling and shooting qualities of the design.

“The pistol has multiple-strike capability, meaning that the trigger is not dependent upon the cycling of the slide to cock the striker. If a cartridge fails to fire on the first trigger pull, the shooter can simply pull the trigger again for another hit on the primer of the cartridge, with a longer double-action type of trigger pull.”

pt111_01 pt111_02 pt111_03 pt111_04

If you’re looking for an all-purpose 9mm in the $300 range, check out the Millennium G2.

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