Cabot Guns is the New Sponsor of the NRA's Center Fire Championship


From now through 2017, the NRA’s Center Fire Championship will be known as the Cabot Guns NRA National Center Fire Championship as they take over as the 110-year-old event’s lead sponsor.

“We are proud to support competitive bullseye shooting,” said Cabot President Rob Bianchin. “We were excited to have our team led by 11-time National Champion Brian ‘Gunny’ Zins.  Brian did a beautiful job in 2012 showing off what a Cabot Gun can do in such expert hands.”

Cabot Guns is a premiere 1911 manufacturer, and they make some of the best and prettiest handguns, period. Made on tools intended for the aerospace industry, the level of precision Cabot Guns’ pistols are made to is unmatched in the gun world. They may be a new company, making their debut in just 2011, but they’ve already left a mark.

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Combining leading-edge machining and traditional hand-crafted gunsmithing is their forte. Putting things into perspective, their National Standard Deluxe has a polished near-perfectly flat mirror finish with just two microns of deviation in the finish; the wait list for that model runs well into next year — and it’s priced at over $8,000.

Shooting a Cabot 1911, Zins took first place at the 2012 NRA National Pistol Championship, the very first year Cabot competed. They hope to make this a tradition with their 2013 shooting team — Brian Zins, William Bethards, Shane Clevenger and Andy Moody — all former Marines as well as champion shooters.

“The Cabot Guns NRA National Center Fire Championship consists of firing slow, timed, and rapid fire,” said Bianchin. “This is done at 50 and 25 yards and consists of 20 shots, slow fire at 50 yards (two 10-shot strings, 10 minutes per string), 20 shots, timed fire at 25 yards (four 5-shot strings, 20 seconds per string), 20 shots, rapid fire at 25 yards (four 5-shot strings, 10 seconds per string), and the National Match Course (10 shots, slow fire at 50 yards, 10 shots timed fire and 10 shots rapid fire). This match consists of 90-shots for a possible aggregate total of 900 points.”


Cabot’s pistols are not inexpensive, with prices for their 1911s starting at a little under $5,000. While they’re fantastic shooters and meant to be used, there’s no doubt that they’re heirloom-grade guns, too. People have been known to have kids just so they can have someone to pass these guns to.

New for this year is the American Joe, a joint effort between Cabot and Detroit fashion designer Joe Faris, whose design was made in tribute to “American exceptionalism.”

We hope, for the sake of shooters everywhere who can’t yet afford a Cabot 1911, that they at least offer them as prizes at the Cabot Guns NRA National. With one of these guns at stake, we’ll see some intense competition for sure.

If these pistols are priced out of your current budget, head over to their website just the same. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, even the photos of their guns are outstanding.

cabot national standard deluxe

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