Rand Paul: Obama using Newton families as "props" (VIDEO)

Accusing President Obama of exploiting families affected by the Newton, Connecticut shooting rampage, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) voiced concern at the politicization of the recent tragedies that have gripped the nation.

“When I see the father and the mothers testifying, I know they’re coming voluntarily and they want to come and be part of this debate, but it still saddens me just to see them,” Paul said. “And I think in some cases the president has used them as props, and that disappoints me.”

Paul was at a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor when reporters asked him if the bombings in Boston had any policy implications for gun control or immigration. “I come down on the side of not being for any of the proposals because none of the proposals would address the tragedy.”

Leading an effort by 13 Republicans to filibuster legislation strengthening gun control laws, Paul empathized with the victims, but lamented “…I hate to see them [used], I think, as props and politicizing tragedy.”

(CS Monitor)

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