'Moms Demand Action' peddling kids in new gun control PSAs (PHOTOS)

They cut a striking image: two wide-eyed children, one clutching an AR-15, the other – a book.  The viewer is asked to guess which has been banned in the name of children’s safety. It’s an ironic attempt to illustrate the “absurdity of our country’s current lax laws and weak regulation of guns,”  according to Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. In coming weeks, the organization formally known as One Million Moms for Gun Control, will launch two more similar PSAs (see below).

According to Moms Demand Action’s founder, Shannon Watts, “The morning after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, I founded One Million Moms for Gun Control…to fight for common sense gun control regulations.” Ultimately, Watts and her cabal of “mothers” seek a ban on assault weapons and magazines of more than 10 rounds. “This is not the time to be pragmatic,” says Watts. “it’s [a] time to sound the alarm.”

Because panic trumps pragmatism everytime…

gun control psas moms demand action

gun control psas moms demand action

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