Bombing Suspects' Uncle Interviewed, Devastated (AUDIO)

The Boston Bombing suspects’ uncle, Ruslan Tsarni, was recently interviewed. Some notable quotes include:

“Oh, I just wish they never existed. I’m wordless. I am wordless. I am wordless. Shocked,” he said. “I’ve just been watching it. I’ve been reading it. People who did that they do not to deserve even existing on this earth. They do not deserve to exist on this earth. That’s what I think.”

“He started telling me about that he’s in Islam. I tell him, ‘Islam’s always been there. You just do your business. Work , go to school be useful, know why you came to America.’ And, I just said, and I’m sorry for my word … I said, ‘You prick.’”

“For people, listen, what can I say? Sympathy, condolences. That I’m with them! And, if some of them are ready to send their curses on me, I’m ready to accept it because I’m associated with these bastards (by blood). What else can I say? What else normal person can say?”

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