Gas Mask Basics with Uncle Yeager (VIDEO)

Well, he’s clearly backing away from full Yeager — you never go full Yeager — but this is pretty out there.

Apart from the fact that maybe it’s not batshit crazy to know how to work with a gas mask on? I mean, it’s pretty crazy, but is it super-crazy?

Because now I kinda want to do it. It looks like fun and it’s a potentially-lifesaving skill to have. But I don’t want to be a crazy person, either.

That I’ll leave to that guy at the range who shows up with his wife and pre-elementary school-aged kids to teach them how to stand behind him while he “engages” with his “targets” using his “Heckler & Koch Universal Self-Loading Pistol, .40 Caliber” after “transitioning” from his “Heckler & Koch MR762A1 battle rifle.”

Yeah, you. You in the urban camo-patterned ballistic vest. Your infant son is crying; he is not old enough to be here. The only reason your wife and daughter aren’t crying is because that part of them is dead now, and you’re the reason why. You make us all look bad.


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