Ruger Adding New AR, 10/22 Accessories: Mags, Sights and Lasers

new ruger accessories

Ruger, never standing still, is now make a handful of accessories that will make a lot of people happy. They’ve put together a set of polymer flip-up back-up iron sights, joined forces with LaserMax to make a new 10/22 forend-mounted laser sight and are also making steel AR-15 magazines.

ruger c products stainless steel magazineWhen regular aluminum magazines are hard to find, used USGI mags are selling for outrageous prices and Magpul’s PMAGs nowhere to be found, Ruger’s move to sell steel AR-15 magazines is an obvious win.

The magazines are made for Ruger by C Products; priced at $20 they’re not out of line with other stainless steel C Product magazines. For 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington/300 AAC Blackout ammo, these have a black Teflon coating to ensure reliable feeding and ejection.

These are in addition to the C Products 10-rounders Ruger already carries.

Ruger’s sights will definitely move, too. Magpul’s MBUS sights are already fairly standard on rifles around the world, but Ruger’s design may have a leg up on them. While functionally similar, they have the advantage that they can be mounted on railed gas blocks; MBUSes tend to warp and crack after passing through enough heating and cooling cycles and have to be mounted to handguards.

new ruger sights

The front sight is elevation-adjustable and the rear is windage, although you will need an AR sight tool for the front sight. The rear sight has a dual aperture peep as it should, for daylight and low-light shooting.

They mount to standard Picatinny rails as they should. A full set will only set you back $76 (front sight $30, rear $46). We look forward to seeing if they stand up to the durability the name Ruger is synonymous with.

And the 10/22 laser sight’s going to make a lot of friends. Whether you’re using it to help new shooters get on target or want the most in terms of sighting options, it’ll help you out.

It mounts onto the forend of a 10/22 rifle stock, replacing the barrel bands. This does mean it’s limited to just 10/22 that actually have barrel bands, as there are several rifles that are not compatible with it.

The laser itself is by LaserMax, and the housing is largely fiberglass-reinforced polymer, which keeps the weight down to just two ounces.

The sight runs off one 1/3N lithium cell, which is good for two hours of continuous use.

It also adds a second barrel band and on each side, two small Picatinny rails which allow you to mount even more accessories, like a flashlight and a forward canted red dot sight for the most tacticool of plinkers.

At $130, it will make sure that for the time being, when even .22 Long Rifle ammo is overpriced, that you get on-target and waste no shots. Plus you know it’s just a fun addition to a 10/22.

"Firearm not included." Really?

“Firearm not included.” Really?

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