Tempers reach epic proportions in Illinois General Assembly debate on concealed carry (VIDEO)

It was a maelstrom of emotion yesterday as Illinois lawmakers tried to push through a last minute, highly-restrictive “May Issue,” concealed carry bill. Hailed by some as a “great compromise,” the bill was set to comply with the Seventh Circuit Court’s decision requiring Illinois to join 49 other states with carry laws – while simultaneously creating an elaborate patchwork of caveats rendering the bill essentially meaningless.

State Republicans took umbrage at the plan, arguing against the deceptive legislation. But according to Democratic state Rep. Scott Drury, GOP legislators were in the wrong. “All of this nonsense and two-facedness from the other side of the aisle…it’s nonsense,” said Drury after listening to the partisan debate.

That prompted an onslaught of screaming from lawmakers, most notably Republican Rep. Mike Bost. To which Drury added: “We don’t want someone like that carrying a concealed weapon.” The remark triggered further uproar, prompting threats to call in “House doorkeepers,” to restore order.

Ultimately the bill received only 31 votes, failing to pass in what has been called a monumental defeat to those who favor gun control.

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