9mm Guns and the People Who Carry Them (VIDEO)

Lookin’ forward to the .45 ACP Guns and the People Who Carry Them video.

I have to say, I’ve seen enough reports of people getting shot once with a pellet gun and falling over dead and in contrast reports of a half-dozen cops shooting a guy six dozen times and the dude surviving; maybe it’s time to end the caliber war and say “Screw it, it’s dumb freaking luck, just remember to actually bring a gun to the gunfight, the rest is fate?”

For what it’s worth, if rimfire cartridges and the guns that shoot them were anywhere near as reliable as centerfire cartridges and guns I wouldn’t have any issues suggesting .22 Long Rifle for self-defense, if it was the greatest caliber the shooter could use; if that’s the case, though, seriously, they still make .25 and .32 ACP guns.

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