Awesome Japanese Shooting Bar (VIDEO)

My Japanese isn’t very strong but I’m pretty sure he said something along the lines of “Welcome to EA’s Shooting Bar. Built to honor the fifteenth anniversary of the now-classic video game ‘Resident Evil’, we’ve designed this bar completely zombie-apocalypse themed.

“Not only do we have crazy video game music playing in the background 24/7, we have a complete airsoft range. We’ll never be able to do this in the U.S. People would totally freak out, even if the idea’s bomber.

“As you can see, my trigger discipline is fantastic, and even though I’m holding a non-firearm, it is always pointed in a safe direction.

“Most Japanese people will never own a real firearm and yet our trigger discipline and safe handling skills are better than many Americans! It is because we take all martial skills very seriously.

“Now, before we go shooting, let’s have a look at our cool beverages, like this, ice water with grenadine. Or maybe it’s fruit punch concentrate. Mix and stir. Just like some red stuff like you might see in video games.

“Look at this guy. Trigger discipline, even checks to make safe before leaving the line. How classy! Remember, always wear your eyes and ears.”

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