Cop assaults man - fears cell phone is a Gun

“Phones can be converted into weapons…look it up online.” So says a San Diego bicycle cop.

Faced with a man illegally smoking on the beach, SDPD officer M.Reinhold promptly began issuing a ticket. That’s when the cell phone came out – and the claim they’re regularly converted into guns. Refusing to stop the video-recording device, Adam Pringle was tackled to the ground and had his cell phone smashed by the officer. Pringle’s face was crushed against the boardwalk, which required a trip to the hospital. Then a trip to jail.

Apparently, he was charged with obstruction because he refused to hand over his phone when Reinhold ordered him to do so. Pringle’s friend was nearby and recorded the officer (who didn’t seem to have a problem with that) after the assault. According to SDPD officer M.Reinhold, “officer safety” trumps the Constitution.

Well, that’s certainly up for debate…

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