Defy the King! Electrifying speech at Pro-Gun rally in CT (VIDEO)

04/23/13 9:00 AM | by

In a rousing speech which is sure to inspire pro-gun rights advocates across the nation — and enrage those who choose to limit the Second Amendment — Mike Vanderboegh took to the Connecticut State Capital yesterday. Speaking at the Connecticut Citizens Defense League’s Second Amendment rally, Vanderboegh — one of the men who broke the Fast & Furious debacle, declared “civil war is starring us in the face.”

Drawing parallels between the American Revolution and current infringements on the U.S. Constitution, Vanderboegh asked the enthusiastic crowd, “Where does it all stop? When we are all disarmed slaves?” Urging “armed civil disobedience,” the 3-Percenter recounted events that led to the ‘shot heard ‘round the world,’ and the American colonists who actively opposed British forces. Equating President Obama to King George III, Vanderboegh went on to implore the pro-gun crowd “Defy! Resist! Evade! Smuggle!”

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