Happy End - a photo series on miracle crash sites in aviation history (Photos & Video)







‘Happy End’ – a Photo-Book about Miracles in Aviation History. A self published book by photographer Dietmar Eckell. Eckell travelled to 4 continents to photograph 15 wrecked airplanes, all left untouched at their original crash site. In all 15 crashes, there was no loss of life.

‘Happy End’ is a photo-project about miracles in aviation history – 15 airplanes that had forced landings but ALL on board survived and were rescued from the remote locations. The planes remain abandoned in nowhere since 10-70 years. It’s part of my long term project ‘restwert’ (german for residual value) to document abandoned objects with fascinating backgrounds like cold war relicts, olympic sites, flooded churches, railroad tracks, never finished nuclear reactors, overgrown adventure parks etc. -> www.dietmareckell.com

You can purchase the book and detailed journal with directions, maps and back stories on all the planes at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/happy-end-a-photo-book-about-miracles-in-aviation-history

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